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4 sao trên tổng 152 đánh giá
13 Jan 2019 tại 22:18 Very average food, warm sushi, which came in a big full of water. Food take 2 hours and 15 minutes to arrive
3 Sep 2018 tại 15:10 Food wasn't bad - fried items were a bit soggy by the time they got to me (I've seen places manage that by putting little vents in the top so steam can escape). Also thought the portions were a bit small. It was tasty, though!
15 Aug 2018 tại 20:31 Food is quite good, too bad it came cold after more than 90 minutes.
29 Jul 2018 tại 15:59 Food was only warm by the time it got here
13 Jul 2018 tại 12:01 Not good for vegetarians options, I haven't enjoyed any of the dishes i've ordered. My BF loves the gyoza and other meaty dishes but i wouldn't recommend to veggies. We asked for no plastic utensils & they still include them - please read comment box
7 Jul 2018 tại 14:48 The food was great. But the shipper spilled most of the tea
26 Apr 2018 tại 7:49 no utensils given. came 30 mins earlier than the time i asked food to be delivered, which would be a problem if I wasn’t yet at home
13 Mar 2018 tại 7:13 Delicious and good delivery service. Always courteous.
4 Feb 2018 tại 11:09 The food is delicious and good value. Gyoza are wonderful, as are the japanese curries and Bento boxes.
24 Jan 2018 tại 21:54 I love this restaurant. For a very reasonable price you get healthy, high-quality Japanese, sent with the little extras that make a difference. My curry had a lovely side salad and free edamame beans. :) The chocolate is SO good! Glad I found them.
5 Dec 2017 tại 20:52 I love bento box never worng
2 Dec 2017 tại 23:34 Very fast delivery, couldn't believe it! The food was average, nothing too special.